June 14, 2021


Initiated Measure 26 – Temporary Medical Cannabis Ordinance-Draft


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Weight Limit Ordinance 2020-01

Ordinance 2020-01

2019-03 Resolution for Declaration of Emergency Disaster



Charles Mix Draft Copy Comprehensive Zoning Plan 8-8-18



Charles Mix County has enacted an AUTOMATIC BURN BAN, effective August 7, 2012.  This burn ban is in effect on a day to day basis and is determined by the National Weather Service Grassland Fire Danger.  When Charles Mix County is in the categories of VERY HIGH, EXTREME, or RED FLAG a burn ban will be in effect.  This will last until the National Weather Service reduces Charles Mix County to Low, Moderate, or High.  This typically changes daily.  To check the status, please go to http://www.crh.noaa.gov/fsd/products/rfdfsd.php.  A fine of $500 along with all costs associated with the extinguishment is possible if a fire is started.





 The Charles Mix County Disaster Mitigation Planning Team has just completed updating the County’s disaster mitigation plan.  The plan includes a profile and risk assessment of the various natural hazards that affect the county, such as blizzards, tornadoes, flooding, and droughts, and presents a disaster mitigation strategy that may lessen the impacts of the hazards.

 The plan is available for public review and comment on the Charles Mix County website (http://charlesmix.sdcounties.org), the Platte website (http://www.plattesd.org), and the Wagner website (http://www.cityofwagner.org).  The plan will be submitted to the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management around November 1st.

 Comments and suggestions regarding the plan can be sent to Charles Mix County Emergency Management Director Mike Kotab at “[email protected]” or by calling (605) 491-3134.  Comments also can be sent to John Clem at “[email protected]” or by calling (800) 952-3562.  Any comments received prior to November 1st will be included in the plan.


Charles Mix County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan 2014  – FINAL DRAFT


Building Permit Ordinance 2015

Building Permit Instructions 2015

Charles Mix County Building Permit