November 29, 2022

Director of Equalization

County Directors of Equalization are appointed to their office by the Board of County Commissioners.  Their responsibility is to assess all real property in the county for property tax purpose.  By law, the assessed value must be its full and true or market value.  Resident persons dissatisfied with their assessment may appeal to the local board, the county board, the Office of Hearing Examiners (OHE) and then the courts.  Consequently, an appeal may not be made to the county board of equalization without a previous appeal having been made to the local board, and so on.  Non-resident property owners first step in the appeal process would be to the county board of equalization.

Director of Equalization:
Denise Weber
PO Box 68
Lake Andes, SD  57356
(605) 487-7382

[email protected]


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Building Permit Ordinance 2015

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Please contact the Director of Equalization office to report any property damage sustained during the storm on May 12, 2022.  Property owners with storm damage may call the office at 605-487-7382 or visit the DOE office in the Charles Mix County Courthouse.

Thank you.

Denise Weber, CAA

Charles Mix County Director of Equalization